The Workshops – 8 Modules

Systems of Thinking

Module 1: System 1 Thinking & automatic feelings

Goal: Unhook automatic thinking and feeling.

Thinking systems and what type of thinking we do 90% of the time.

  • Can you stop or change your thoughts?
  • What determines our thoughts?
  • Are your thoughts true?
  • Is your reality created by your thinking?
  • Is my past or future my reality?
  • Am I slave or the master of my thoughts?


Feelings Volume

Module 2: System 2 thinking & Intense Feelings

Goal: Direct thoughts & Change the level of your Feelings

Thinking with purpose and how to locate the 3 underlying beliefs that determine the level of all our feelings.

3 scientifically proven questions to change or prevent feeling patterns in the future.

  • How to stop ruminating?
  • How to break attachments?
  • How to de-escalate the level of feelings?
  • How to think about your thinking that is helpful?
  • How to question thoughts with precision?
Feelings Volume

Module 3: System 0 Thinking

Goal: Discovering Who I am & the root of every thought, feeling and choice.

Who am I? – the unconscious question that determines all our thoughts, feelings and decisions. When you are in the space of who I am, you think with a different system of thought. This type of thinking allows for unbiased and unemotional thinking. You cannot master thinking or feelings without this knowledge and practical application.

You can make unemotional personal and business decisions after you learn how to think and observe this way. Otherwise, you can never flow in the moment without getting hooked by system 1 & 2 thinking.

Feelings Volume

Module 4: Experiencing self & the Nervous System

Goal: Letting feelings flow without escalating to emotional disturbance

Your feelings and nervous system zone operate differently from our thinking systems.

  • How to feel without resistance?
  • How to master stress and anxiety relief?
  • How to break the thinking-feeling-thinking cycle?
  • How to really live in the moment?
  • Why letting go doesn’t work?
  • How not to question feelings?
Feelings Volume

Module 5: Your unique Value Map

Goal: Create a Life Direction that anchors through urges, desires and intense feelings.

Values vs goals and how this creates your own personal path and life journey.

  • How to determine what you really want?
  • How to anchor in what you want even when urges are strong?
  • How to improve the quality of your health, fitness, relationships and life purpose?
  • How to change habits at the right pace?
  • How to remove existential anxiety?
  • How to choose what brings value, joy and pleasure to your life that enhances your experiences?

Module 6: The Art of Communication

Goal: Learn to communicate effectively and get what you want and accept what is out of your control.

Assertive communication vs passive or aggressive communication.

  • How to get what you really want?
  • How to prevent relationship blow-ups?
  • How to communicate instead of fight, flight, freeze or fawn?
  • How to be assertive in the workplace and at home without fear?
  • How to motivate yourself and others to get what brings value to your life?
  • How to validate others without bending the knee?

Module 7 - Understanding and Applying our principles at the right time

Learn how to identify and master the thinking-feeling-cycle in practice.

You will see why timing is everything. When to observe, analyze, let flow, communicate, act or don’t act on feelings and urges.

We are often not aware of the separate stages and different mechanisms at play and instead see them all as one experience. When you are able to observe the spaces between the stages, you will be able to master the progression.

Module 8 - Master Self Inquiry & Authentic Meditation

You will learn how to ask 6 short questions that help you remove bias and prevent protest mode so you can awaken self-awareness and move into problem-solving mode.

These questions incorporate all our principles and can be applied every day in a few minutes whenever you feel an intense feeling, want to communicate effectively, or want to return to the seat of observation with true confidence.

We will also practice authentic meditation with original teachers of meditation instead of the bubble gum type of meditation that is so popular today.

How it works

The Program

Workshop Design

There are 8 Modules in this Workshop.

Module Duration

1 hour per Module. This program includes 8 modules = 8 hours.

Program Duration

2 hours once a week for 4 weeks


Zoom session or in person or at your office


There are 5-20 people per group unless private sessions or a workshop is requested within your own company.


PDF PowerPoint summaries of each session and an application method of the week.

Choose a Corporate Setting for the Workshops

The Corporate Workshops are designed to teach you how to master the thinking-feeling-behavioural progression. Stress management, critical thinking, effective communication, time efficiency, healthy habits, and increased productivity depend on mastering this progression.

Each workshop includes the general modules customized to focus on the specific goals requested by each group.

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Why Corporate?

The corporate workshops are designed for learning in a group setting and then practicing our principles and methods within your company.

Many people have reservations about therapy or mindfulness sessions, especially taken on a personal level. But if you can see the benefits on a corporate level, personal self-growth begins as a process of pursuing professional productivity and efficiency. There is no resistance because everyone wants to maximize professional success.

Your results in the workplace will naturally spill into your personal life. After all, you are the same person in your professional and personal life.

Additionally, the culture within the workshops is relatable because it is experienced in a group setting with same-level executives dealing with similar goals and challenges while learning our unique principles and practical methods.

Gain a Certificate

The Certificate is awarded to participants at your company who successfully complete a Workshop with its materials. 


  • A base of theoretical knowledge to provide a profound context for why and how to manage your chosen goals.
  • The skills to interpret evidence-based models to facilitate learning and change.
  • A foundation for effective application to occur within a business context
  • Knowledge of methods to establish trust- and safety-based relationships with employees and clients.
  • Personal and professional applications for improving productivity, mindfulness, and efficiency.