The Workshops

There are 6 Core Modules in our Workshop.

You have the choice to also select add-on modules if you want to target a specific goal after you complete the core modules.

Add-on Modules:

  • Permanent weight loss and fitness
  • Effective communication
  • Authentic meditation
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Getting over a breakup or divorce

The 6 CORE Modules

The Core Modules include the principles and practical methods for addressing our 5 core beliefs that influence every thought, feeling, behavior and choice.

Module 1 - CORE Belief 1: What forms the WHO I AM Story

You will learn what forms my WHO I AM story. The fifteenth-century English medieval morality play ‘’Everyman’’ and the best-seller ‘Who moved My Cheese’ are analyzed in this context.

You will learn why we create the idea of a separate ‘thinker’ from thoughts. We need to be crystal clear so we blow up the strong illusion which is the source of all our disturbed feelings and how this illusion takes us out of actual reality.

Module 2 - CORE Belief 2: Can I rate myself?

The rational philosophy behind not rating yourself, others, and life.

Have you ever asked yourself, “who am I?” what answer automatically comes to your mind?

We will delve deeper into this question which is the first question we ask ourselves and continues on repeat unconsciously. You will get to know the movie watcher & ego storyteller within your thinking patterns for the first time. You don’t try to kill or control the ego. You simply need to see it is not an entity.

Module 3 - CORE Belief 3: Frustration Tolerance

The subject of ‘frustration tolerance’ was and still is a true eye-opener for me.
We are simply not aware of how many of our fears and limiting beliefs are due to simple low frustration tolerance.

You will learn how to unravel anxiety and ‘what if’ limiting questions.

We will learn the art of relaxing and releasing felt energy which manifests as intense feelings so that most feelings do not last longer than 90 seconds.

Module 4 - The secondary beliefs determine the level of your feelings?

As humans with a very active storytelling mind, we mostly focus on the details and reasons in a story about an emotional event.

But you will see that all these details and reasons in our stories only HOOK us because of the underlying ‘demanding’ underlying thoughts in those stories.

You will learn how to change the dial on the volume of your feelings.

Module 5 - Switching from Protest Mode to Problem Solving Mode

The way the world mostly tries to ‘fix’ or remove disturbed feelings and ‘drop’ irrational childhood beliefs either misses the point, ignores the root ‘problem’, or actually adds more disturbance to the existing disturbances, encouraging a cycle of ineffective reactions.

The automatic reactions of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn are learned survival responses. Effective communication is impossible when these reactions are active.


Module 6 - Self Inquiry explained and practiced in real time

You will learn how to ask between 5-10 questions that can help you remove bias and prevent protest mode so you can awaken self-awareness and problem-solving mode.

These questions incorporate all our principles and can be applied every day in a few minutes whenever you feel an intense feeling, want to communicate effectively, or want to return to the seat of observation with true confidence.

You can choose any of these add-on Modules

  1. Permanent weight loss and fitness
  2. Effective communication
  3. Authentic meditation
  4. Enhancing relationships
  5. Getting over a breakup or divorce

The Modules include the principles and practical methods for natural weight loss and fitness

Module 1 - The 5 Habits, Part 1

Master 5 simple eating and fitness habits based on David Zulbergs’ books that will transform your body and mind. In this module, we will focus on the first 3 habits. We will begin with breakfast and exercise, as well as snacking. These 3 habit changes are sufficient to change your waistline and mindset about eating and fitness.

Module 2 - The 5 Habits, Part 2

In this module, we will focus on the remaining 2 habits which address your main meals. You will learn how to eat at these meals and prevent overeating while still eating your favorite food groups and generous portions. These are time-tested principles that you can apply with ease, without counting calories or restricting your food choices.

The Modules include the principles and practical methods for effective communication

Module 1 - Effective communication

I will describe an effective way to communicate at home and at work with anyone and everyone!

The DEAR MAN method of communication has had many positive results, but I will fine-tune it based on our principles and try to remove any potential pitfalls.

You will learn how to be assertive without being aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive. You will learn not to say too much or too little to be effective.


Module 2 - Addressing Pushback

What happens if there is pushback?

You don’t get the response you want, or the focus is taken off the actual topic. What happens if your partner reacts to your communication with fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode?

You want to keep the communication in problem-solving mode without escalating to protest mode. The idea is to get what you want while the other person also gets what they want.


The Modules include the principles and practical methods for authentic meditation

Module 1 - Watching Thought

Learn to sit in a state of being and experience. How do you let go of all the stories about who I am and anchor in the space of awareness? How do you address ‘mind storms’? You will see that the key is not to stop or control thoughts!

10-minute session by Mooji

Understand the difference between knowing and thinking. Being and analyzing. You cannot know awareness. You can only be it. Learn to watch thinking instead of thinking about thinking. You learn to just be instead of an idea about being.

10-minute session by Eckhart Tolle


Module 2 - Meditation Living

Understand why most methods of meditation are not really meditation at all. Even the most popular forms of meditation today are not really meditation at all. We will dive deep into this topic. See how authentic meditation is a way of thinking and feeling throughout your day.

10-minute session by Krishnamurti

What is the process of turning the mind inwards and asking the well-known but often misunderstood question: Who am I? We will analyze the different theories about awareness and give you a clear understanding of this difficult concept.

20-minute session by Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Modules include the principles and practical methods for enhancing relationships

Module 1 - Attachment Styles Plus Love Languages

We will dive deep into the 4 attachment styles and see how these are directly connected manifestations of your survival and psychological trauma reactions.

The 5 love languages are well known but often very misunderstood. It is less about the action and more about the way the love language is manifested. We will delve into whether all these love languages are necessary or just preferences.


Module 2 - Master Communication

The steps for communicating without drama and the sabotaging cycle that escalates communication into fights and discord. You will learn how to take ownership and forgive without the resistance that comes up without doing the work. There are some simple guidelines that you can apply in your communications that can ensure that you get your desired results instead of constant fighting.

The Modules include the principles and practical methods for getting over breakups and divorce

Module 1 - Trauma Reactions

Understanding that the mind cannot tell the difference between a survival threat and a psychological threat.

You will learn the 4 instinctive reactions when you perceive a threat and how they manifest in perceived psychological threats. Although instinctive reactions are very effective for survival threats, they are extremely unhelpful for psychologically perceived threats.

Module 2 - Letting Go

Learn why it is so hard to move with the new cheese and what keeps us stuck in the fantasy or dream of a past relationship.

You will learn how to practically apply self-inquiry to moving on with your life so you not only will you be able to move on peacefully but you will also let go of any suffering and rage that you may feel.

How it works

The Program

Workshop Design

There are 6 Core Modules in this Workshop.

Module Duration

1 hour per Module. This program includes 6 modules = 6 hours.

Program Duration

1 hour once a week for 6 weeks or twice a week for 3 weeks.


Zoom session or in person.


There are 5-20 people per group unless private sessions or a workshop is requested within your own company.


PDF PowerPoint summaries of each session and an application method of the week.