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Public Speaking

Book David to talk at your company or institution. Talks are done via Zoom or at the facility. You can request one lecture on any topic related to health, fitness, mindfulness, self-awareness or habit formation. David also does workshops for companies and institutions. 


Support Groups

The private small support groups are for people looking for more personal attention, tracking progress and interaction. You may have read the books or done the workshops but now you want to discuss, interact and share your experience and insights with the author and a support group


Each week will introduce a new principle and habit with its practical implementation. This workshop includes the principles from David’s books, as well as extensive research relating to managing feelings and altering thinking patterns that have not been published yet.  

Habits for a healthy Mind & Body

at Each session, we introduce one mind and body habit a week



The Inner Conflict when Breaking Habits + Eating at Night

Psychological Habit 1: Is this demanding thought concious? 

Failure to break habits has nothing to do with lack of motivation and everything to do with your unconscious and conscious inner conflict. Learn how to locate the source of your habitual thinking that leads to habitual behaviors and emotional eating.

Living Healthy Habit 1: When and how to stop eating at night

Module 1 – Psychological &  Health Habit 1


What triggers strong feelings + Eating between Meals

Psychological Habit 2: Do I need this about myself, others, and life?

Your underlying thinking is responsible for the level of your experienced feelings. Locate the specific thinking patterns and learn how to bring these unconscious thoughts to the conscious mind and dispute them. 

Living Healthy Habit 2: What to eat between meals.

Module 2 – Psychological &  Health Habit 2


The difference between Values and Goals + Excursions

Psychological Habit 3: What value does this bring to me?

Are values related to feelings, thoughts, or behaviors?

What is the difference between goals and values?

How to anchor yourself in your values when your life doesn’t seem to be going the way you want it or expect it to happen.

Living Healthy Habit 3: How do I anchor myself in my values when I get off track?

Module 3 – Psychological &  Health Habit 3


The pursuit of happiness and its conflict + Breakfast

Psychological Habit 4: Is this just a thought?

Are you happy? We all want to feel happy. But what is the definition of happiness?

Are you happy ‘about’ your life? Are you happy as you are ‘living’ in your life? These are two very different questions. We need to delve into the ‘remembering and experiencing self’.

Living Healthy Habit 4: What can I eat for breakfast? Is it really the most important meal of the day?

Module 4 – Psychological &  Health Habit 4


The source of my Self-Image + Dinner

Psychological Habit 5: What is this ‘I thought’?

Why you create a self-image and how can you reframe this self-image and change your life. Learn how you create your self-concept in childhood and how your experiences shape this original self-concept. Most importantly, you can change this today with the right principles and methods.

Living Healthy Habit 5: What can I eat for dinner? Are there restricted foods?

Module 5 – Psychological &  Health Habit 5


Live questions and answers session + Lunch

Psychological Habit 6: Am I self-downing?

Gain solutions to common questions through a Q&A and implementation session.

Ask any question about the 5 habits for healthy weight loss & maintenance. Delve into your thinking patterns, feelings and experiences applying the principles and habits.

Living Healthy Habit 6: What can I eat for lunch? Are there any quick meal options in the middle of a hectic day?

Module 6 – Psychological &  Health Habit 6


Authentic Meditation + Exercise

Psychological Habit 7: Am I giving full attention and observation?

Why most meditation techniques are self-sabotaging and based on erroneous principles of self-awareness.
Learn how to apply meditation in your everyday life. You will also see how this meditation is found in the Torah/Bible. You just need to know where to look.
See how this form of meditation is necessary for character modification.

Living Healthy Habit 7: When and how to exercise? 

Module 7 – Psychological &  Health Habit 7


Self-Inquiry + Weekends

Psychological Habit 8: Where is this ‘I thought’?

‘Who am I?’ Have you really ever delved deeply into who you are?
The Projected Self is the source of all your thinking patterns.

What lies below the Projected Self? Can you alter thoughts and feelings that are triggered by the Projected Self? Learn how to anchor yourself in your True-Self, which will alter your thoughts and feelings.

Living Healthy Habit 8: How do I eat over the weekends?

Module 8 – Psychological &  Health Habit 8

Success Stories

I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for a weight-loss system that has helped me to create a healthier self. To date, I have lost 95 pounds, and I hope to continue applying these positive habits to my daily life. I still follow your program and exercise regularly. May God reward your efforts and may we merit living a healthy life that enhances our purpose in every area of life.
Lost 95 Pounds

Esther, Oak Park, Michigan, USA

I have been following the principles of the 5 Skinny Habits and I have lost 40 pounds. My type 2 diabetes is under control, and I am no longer on medication for it. My lab values show that I am healthier than I have been in years. This program really works and helps me focus on how to change my life gradually. It has been a great blessing to me. Thank you.
Type 2 Diabetes

Kevin, Ohio, LA

Upon being laid off from a very stressful job last year, I decided not to be defeated emotionally or physically by the upheaval. So I embarked on your regimen of exercise, healthy eating, and positive thinking. As a result, I lost 40 pounds. In addition, my cholesterol went down from a whopping 290 to 140! I feel both emotionally and physically better than I ever felt before.
Lost 40 pounds

Jacob, NJ, USA


Zulberg has now expanded his research on Maimonides and classic and contemporary sources on behavior modification, a technique that can be both psychotherapeutic as well as personally pragmatic. The 5 Skinny Habits is a welcome source of guidance for both the professional and the layperson.

Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

The Life Transforming Diet puts forward a weight-loss program that addresses dietary, exercise, and behavioral aspects of eating. I like the idea of combining ancient sources with current opinion. The current medical literature and advice is all sound and well researched. The eating plan itself certainly fits all the current recommended guidelines.

Dr. Charlene Wolberg, M.D.

Having had the privilege, for the past decade, of working with people suffering from eating disorders, it is a particular ‘simcha’ for me to see that Zulberg has put out a monumental work entitled The Life Transforming Diet.

R’ Dovid Goldwasser

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