5 Skinny Habits is a healthy habit makeover targeted for long-term weight loss, designed to change your habits, not your diet, so the weight comes off and stays off for good. The secret is to make just one reasonable change to your routine every week for five weeks. It’s slower than fads or gimmicks, but more manageable and more likely to last. The small lifestyle changes suggested by 5 Skinny Habits are:

  • Week 1: Make your breakfast a light meal – 250 calories or less.
  • Week 2: For your biggest meal, eat just protein + veggies. A glass of red wine is allowed!
  • Week 3: For your final meal makeover, eat as usual from any food group – but take only veggies for seconds
  • Week 4: Add just 10-20 minutes of exercise, 3x/ week
  • Week 5: Replace snacks with healthier options: water, veggies, low-fat dairy, or fruit.

To ensure you’re successful, here is some expert advice to remember when following the program.


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  • incorporate fruit into your breakfast
  • plan your meals ahead of time
  • take only veggies for seconds
  • add in exercise, but do it slowly
  • drink water between meals


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  • skip breakfast
  • make too many changes at once
  • overload your plate with the main dish
  • overdo your exercise routine
  • snack on foods over 120 calories


Do incorporate fruit into your breakfast

Breakfast is the easiest place to start incorporating your light meal of 250 calories or less. The best way to start under that limit is with a bowl of a fruit. Fruit is not only filling but it act as a cleanse for your digestive system when eaten alone. If you’re not in the mood for sweet fruits, try having 2 eggs and a slice of whole wheat toast or cereal and low fat milk for a satisfying meal that will still fall under the 250 calories mark.

Do plan your meals ahead of time

By planning meals in advance, you’re more likely to stick with your new meal habits rather than falling off and opting for unhealthier dishes. Choose a variety of proteins, veggies and healthy grains that are different for each day of the week. This will help bring more diversity to your meals and will keep you interested rather than having the urge to reach for something less healthy. The 5 Skinny Habits meal choices allow you to enjoy your favorite meals and still maintain weight loss and optimum health.

Do take only veggies for seconds

We’re all guilty of going in for seconds and thirds at lunch or dinner. This is where our diet plans can fall off the tracks. When you are eating both proteins and starches at the same meal, rather than piling on more rice or meat – only take veggies for your second helping. This will help keep your caloric intake down and will provide an extra boost of vitamins and minerals. If you are eating only protein and veggies at the same meal, you can take seconds of the protein.

Do add in exercise, but do it slowly

The best way to begin exercise is in moderation. Start by adding in 10- 20 minutes of cardio, three days a week. This can be completed by walking your dog down the street or participating in a light jog. Once you’ve mastered this schedule then you can add in more cardio and eventually strength training as well. The key is to start slowly so you’re more likely to stick with this new exercise routine.

Do drink water between meals

Sometimes hunger is a sign that our bodies need more water. When hunger first strikes, try drinking a glass of water. By reminding yourself to have a glass of water before you decide to snack, you’ll begin to naturally start incorporating more H2O into your diet. If hunger remains, stick to fruit, veggie sticks and low fat dairy like yogurt or cheese sticks.


Do not skip breakfast

When dieting, many of us tend to skip breakfast to save calories, but forgetting to eat breakfast will set you up for failure for the rest of the day. It leads to overeating at lunch or grabbing unhealthy snacks to curb your hunger before your next meal.

Do not make too many changes at once

Old habits find their roots in the deepest parts of our subconscious mind. Long-term success necessitates that you work with mind and body. Stick to changing one habit a week. Implementing extreme changes is similar to taking a very cold shower. Your body goes into shock. Allow your body and mind the time they need to get used to new habits.

Do not overload your plate with the main dish

When you are eating both starches and proteins at the same meal, the key is to have one serving-size of a protein and then stick to vegetables for seconds if you’re still hungry. If you’re overloading your plate with the main dish you’ve already taken seconds (or maybe even thirds) of the dish. If you’re following a regular breakfast, healthy snack and lunch routine this will be easier to abide by.

Do not overdo your exercise routine

Starting a vigorous workout routine too quickly can set you up for failure later on. Your instinct might be to start an intense workout routine to get on track for fast results, but motivation wanes so that urge you feel in the first couple of weeks is likely to disappear. By incorporating exercise slowly you’re teaching your mind and body a new habit that you’ll gradually build and maintain for the long term.

Do not snack on foods over 120 calories

Put down the large unhealthy snacks between meals. A handful or two may not seem bad, but we end up going back for another handful. Keep the healthier options on hand to resist the temptation that leads to bad snacking habits. When your good habits are ingrained, you can enjoy ‘Smart Exceptions’ between meals, which is any snack less than 120 calories.


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Fad diets, detoxes or quick fixes won’t give you the long term results you want and need to maintain a healthy body. The 5 Skinny Habits program has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and keep the pounds off. The program is rooted in centuries of research, blending proven ancient health principles with modern health and nutritional science.




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