Corporate Workshops

The Corporate Workshop is designed to teach you how to master the thinking-feeling-behavioral progression. Stress management, critical thinking, effective communication, time efficiency, healthy habits, and increased productivity depend on mastering this progression.

Each workshop includes general modules customized to focus on the specific goals requested by each group.

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Why Corporate?

The corporate workshops are designed for learning in a group setting and then practicing our principles and methods within your company.

Many people have reservations about therapy or mindfulness sessions, especially taken on a personal level. But if you can see the benefits on a corporate level, personal self-growth begins as a process of pursuing professional productivity and efficiency. There is no resistance because everyone wants to maximize professional success.

Your results in the workplace will naturally spill into your personal life. After all, you are the same person in your professional and personal life.

Additionally, the culture within the workshops is relatable because it is experienced in a group setting with same-level executives dealing with similar goals and challenges while learning our unique principles and practical methods.

There are 6 Core Modules, and we suggest you choose the Assertive Communication and Healthy Habits or Authentic Meditation add-on modules. But you may choose to do just the 6 Core Modules.

How it works

The Program

Workshop Design

There are 6-10 Modules in this Workshop.

Module Duration

1 hour per Module. The program includes 6-10 modules = 6-10 hours.

Program Duration

Twice a week for 3-5 weeks.


Zoom session or at the office


There are 10-100 people within your own company.


PDF PowerPoint summaries of each session and an application method of the week.

Gain a Certificate

The Certificate is awarded to participants at your company who successfully complete a Workshop with its materials. 


  • A base of theoretical knowledge to provide a profound context for why and how to manage your chosen goals.
  • The skills to interpret evidence-based models to facilitate learning and change.
  • A foundation for effective application to occur within a business context
  • Knowledge of methods to establish trust- and safety-based relationships with employees and clients.
  • Personal and professional applications for improving productivity, mindfulness, and efficiency.