Transform Your Body & Mind

WHY are we different?

Go beyond the behavior

Discover the groundbreaking strategies that will peel back the layers of your bad eating habits and free your mind from the tension and anxiety that rely on food as a release.

Rebuild your confidence

Build confidence in yourself by learning how to anchor yourself in your goals, thereby experiencing victory after victory instead of feeling beaten down by your unhealthy habits

Gain a system

Never again feel incapable of winning the battle against negative eating patterns as you gain a systemized method to overcome the challenges as they emerge.

Track Progress

The week’s performance will be discussed. We will discover our thinking patterns together which triggered feelings and potential stumbling blocks.

Break the cycle

Put an end to the cycle between negative emotional triggers and over-eating and discover how to rely on food only as fuel for your body.

Gain support

No longer experience the disappointment and dejection of failed efforts as you gain support and encouragement through each step of your journey.

Break the habit

Get ahead of the mind game by changing your automatic response to negative emotions to a healthy outlet instead of turning to food for false security.


Get practical charts that were created after thousands of hours of research.

 When you address the source of your actions and goals, you will see results naturally. Not because you worked hard for every separate outcome but because healthy behaviors are a natural consequence of a mind & body that is congruent. When there is no inner conflict, you experience optimal energy. This way, our practical weight loss and fitness guidelines and habits become a self-awareness journey that affects every one of your thoughts, feelings & behaviors.


All your feelings and behaviors begin with your thinking patterns. You cannot make permanent changes or break old habits without altering the source of your feelings and actions.


Your feelings operate in a different mode of operation than your thoughts and behaviors. ‘Experiencing Self’ must be addressed with a different method to thinking patterns.


Behaviors are the final outcome of your thoughts and feelings. But they also influence your thoughts and feelings. Create harmony between behaviors and your thinking & feelings.

Success Stories

I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for a weight-loss system that has helped me to create a healthier self. To date, I have lost 95 pounds, and I hope to continue applying these positive habits to my daily life. I still follow your program and exercise regularly. May God reward your efforts and may we merit living a healthy life that enhances our purpose in every area of life.
Lost 95 Pounds

Esther, Oak Park, Michigan, USA

I have been following the principles of the 5 Skinny Habits and I have lost 40 pounds. My type 2 diabetes is under control, and I am no longer on medication for it. My lab values show that I am healthier than I have been in years. This program really works and helps me focus on how to change my life gradually. It has been a great blessing to me. Thank you.
Type 2 Diabetes

Kevin, Ohio, LA

Upon being laid off from a very stressful job last year, I decided not to be defeated emotionally or physically by the upheaval. So I embarked on your regimen of exercise, healthy eating, and positive thinking. As a result, I lost 40 pounds. In addition, my cholesterol went down from a whopping 290 to 140! I feel both emotionally and physically better than I ever felt before.
Lost 40 pounds

Jacob, NJ, USA


Zulberg has now expanded his research on Maimonides and classic and contemporary sources on behavior modification, a technique that can be both psychotherapeutic as well as personally pragmatic. The 5 Skinny Habits is a welcome source of guidance for both the professional and the layperson.

Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

The Life Transforming Diet puts forward a weight-loss program that addresses dietary, exercise, and behavioral aspects of eating. I like the idea of combining ancient sources with current opinion. The current medical literature and advice is all sound and well researched. The eating plan itself certainly fits all the current recommended guidelines.

Dr. Charlene Wolberg, M.D.

Having had the privilege, for the past decade, of working with people suffering from eating disorders, it is a particular ‘simcha’ for me to see that Zulberg has put out a monumental work entitled The Life Transforming Diet.

R’ Dovid Goldwasser

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