Zulberg has made a valuable contribution by the publication of his masterful work, The Life Transforming Diet. He has done an important service in providing a popular setting and scintillating attractiveness for what is usually resisted for its restrictiveness and deprivation.

– R’ Yisroel Belsky 

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Breaking Habits

Understanding the inner conversation and conflict when breaking habits

Stress Reduction

The source of the mind game that triggers stress and how to address stress


Authentic meditation and unique guidelines for how to meditate in your daily life


What is the true definition of mindfulness and how can you start applying it today

Managing Strong Feelings

How do you deal with strong feelings? Can you prevent feelings and change them going forward

Disputing Cognitive Distortions

The subtle art of retraining unconscious beliefs and paradigms

The 5 habits for losing weight

The best selling LT Diet explained in detail and how to practically apply it for you

Balancing Thoughts

A cornerstone of CBT. The underlying principles and its method

Exercise Tips

Learn how to make exercise part of your daily routine without complex workouts

Practical Worksheets

Track your progress through the week and add discussion notes

Share Insights

Everyone has unique insights and suggestions. Learn from everyone in your group

Progress Support

Share your challenges and success every week. You are not alone on this journey


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  • Mind and body transformation
  • Knowledge of authentic principles
  • Practical guidelines for implemenation

Zulberg has performed an invaluable service by assembling a plan for healthy living that is consistent both with the advice of our sages and the findings of modern medicine. His work is unique among diet/exercise guides in its reasonable tone and moderate approach.

– R’ L. Kelemen

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