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Why become a Group Leader?

-Personal satisfaction in helping others.
-Flexible hours.
-Good earning potential.
-Gain access to premium detailed discussion outline for your sessions. Chapters in the book are outlined per session and the recommended duration per topic.
-Get your own personal Group Leader Profile on this website. When you have Success Stories, we will add them to your personal page.
-Private access to to Group Leader Forum to ask questions about the program.
-Be included in our advertising campaigns and listed on our website.

Personality of a Group Leader

-Be a credible role model of health and wellness.
-Possess excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to build rapport with colleagues, staff and clients who come from all walks of life.
-Ability to lead, motivate and inspire others by displaying a positive attitude, enthusiasm, active listening, and passion for health.
-Demonstrate strong organization and planning skills by preparing for meetings; following policies and procedures.
-Basic knowledge with computers with internet access.

Renewing your own commitment

Teaching principles you have learned and implemented to someone who is interested will add some fun to the process and it will make you feel committed to the program. You will read more intently and deeply when you know that you may have to teach some of the material to someone else. When you verbalize information to another interested person, it necessitates clarity of thought and expression on your part.

Prerequisites for becoming a Group Leader

It would be preferable if you had a personal fitness certification or health coach certification. We recommend ACE (American Council of Exercise). However, you can become a group leader if you have read either The Life Transforming Diet OR The 5 Skinny Habits AND The new Mind Body Synergy Diet book, joined a webinar given by David Zulberg so you can see the style necessary to give your own workshops, and have had a phone call conversation with David.

How much

Can I earn

How much money can I make?

We recommend that each member pay you $60-$100 per month. That is $15-$25 per session, four times a month. This is definitely within the accepted range of current weight loss programs.
If you charge $20, and have just 5 members, you will earn $400 a month for 1 hour a week.
If you have 10 members, $800 a month.
Successful Group Leaders can have up to 30 members per group, which would be $2400 a month.
If you increase the number of groups and have more than one session per week, the earnings really add up!
You will be sent 70% of the profit intake, weekly or until you earn $100

How does billing work

Our billing system takes care of everything. You just need to give your custom website address to your group members, which has your own custom link button with how much you choose to charge. All they need to do is click on it and sign up. As you get a sign up, you will be notified via email. At the end of the week or when you reach $100 in earnings, we will send you the 70% to your paypal account. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost to become a Group Leader?

Nothing! But you will need to have joined the Webinar, read either The Life Transforming Diet OR The 5 Skinny Habits AND read the The Mind Body Synergy Diet, and have had a 20-30 min phone call with David.

Your Scope

As a group Leader

What is your role as it relates to our company?

You are primarily and educator and motivator. You are not an employee. The responsibility will be on you to discuss appropriate subjects and refer your group members to health professionals when you are operating out of the scope of your expertise.

Scope of practice as a Group Leader

Appropriate Nutrition Topics:

  • Suggestions for weight loss
  • Use of food diary
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Recipes
  • Support
  • Weight Loss psychology

Nutrition areas that must be referred:

  • Specific meal plans
  • Tailored plans
  • Medications
  • Diseases (cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, eating disorders)
  • Medical diagnosis (anemia, osteoporosis, polycystic overy disease)
  • Post op
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Large weight loss or morbid obesity

Examples of other health professionals and their scope of expertise:

Personal Trainer: Asses the basic biomechanics of a client and implement an exercise program accordingly

Nutritionist/Registered Dietician: Work with a client who has a history of weight-cycling or an uncontrolled chronic condition such as diabetes

Psychologist/psychiatrist: Introduce such techniques as meditation, guided imagery, and biofeedback to an athletes training regimen

Licensed healthcare professional: Change the timing of a diabetic client’s insulin injections to avoid disruption of his or her training schedule.

Discussions during the sessions

You will receive an outline via email after signing up at least 3 people. This is premium content and you will only gain access after joining. There is plenty room to express yourself and your experiences 🙂

Member sign-up legalities

Besides for being a prerequisite for being a Group Leader, it will insure that members have given their consent and waiver to participate in a support program. This is crucial from a legal perspective and your liability.

What members must do and have, in order to join a group

Every member must buy a book (either the Life Transforming Diet OR The 5 Skinny Habits AND The Mind Body Synergy Diet) as the reading and discussions during your sessions revolves around its contents. Each member must sign up online and accept the joining requirements at members, which sets up your billing and legal protection. The Contemplation Chart and Diary should be downloaded and printed.

3 key factors in being a successful Group Leader
  • Building rapport
  • Integrating empathy
  • Active listening

Please read Rapport and why is it so important and Creating rapport-the-doorway

Understanding your group members stage of change

Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Behavioral Change: This model is used to identify a number of stages that clients experience as they progress through lifestyle modifications. Identifying which stage each of your clients is in will help you better understand how your clients are feeling about adopting positive lifestyle changes, and how you can help them progress through the stages of change. The TTM is made up of five stages of change—precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.

Please read How to use the Transtheoretical-model

Understanding your group members personality type

DISC model of understanding personality types, please read What is DISC and  You won’t inspire your client unless you connect. Reading personality accurately, please read Your client’s got personality

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